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Rule 70-6-.01 Applicants for Master Barber or Barber Instructor's License by Examination

(1) An applicant for the master barber or barber instructor's examination shall receive notice of eligibility sent by the Board or the Board's designated agent, stating the date, time and place of examination. If the applicant fails the examination or fails to report to the examination upon notice, such person may qualify for examination again by submitting another application and examination fee.
(2) An applicant may be excused from examination in an emergency situation. An emergency situation is defined as illness or death in applicant's family. Only written excuses, with proof of emergency, will be considered. Any applicant receiving a notice of examination, who fails to report to the examination or submit a written excuse to the Board or the Board's designated agent, within 10 days after date of examination, will be required to pay another examination fee before being permitted to take the examination.

Rule 70-6-.02 Reserved

Rule 70-6-.03 Examination and License Fees

(1) Barber License Fees shall be established by the Board periodically as set forth on a fee schedule. The fee schedule is available from the Board office and at the Board's website. Fees may be reviewed and changed at the discretion of the Board.
(2) The board may designate an agent or agents for the purpose of administering examinations to applicants for licensure in accordance with the authority and powers granted to the board by statute. The designated agent may perform tasks pertaining to the examination of applicants including, but not limited to, receiving applications for examination, scheduling examinations, notifying applicants, and conducting examinations. All such tasks shall be identified in writing and performed only with the written approval of the board.
(3) The board, through its designated agent, will provide reasonable accommodations to a qualified applicant with a disability in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The request for such an accommodation must be in writing and received by the designated agent of the board by the application deadline accompanied with appropriate documentation as indicated in the Request for Disability Accommodation Guidelines.
(4) The applicant taking the examination shall be required to pass the practical and written examination with a minimum scale score of 70% on each section. Failure to achieve a passing score requires the applicant to retake the section failed.
(5) The examination will be in English. No foreign language translators will be allowed or furnished.

Rule 70-6-.04 License Renewal Requirements and Fees

(1) Biennial fees of renewal of license shall be established by the Board periodically as set forth on a fee schedule. The fee schedule is available from the Board office and at the Board's website. Fees may be reviewed and changed at the discretion of the Board. The Board may assess a late renewal fee that is greater than or in addition to any other renewal fee if a license is renewed within two (2) months following the license expiration date.
(2) Renewal notices are only sent as a courtesy. The responsibility for license renewal, on or before the expiration date, remains with the license holder.
(3) Failure to renew license within two (2) months following expiration of the license shall have the same effect as a revocation of license, which shall require the licensee to apply to the Board for reinstatement, pay a reinstatement fee and meet such other conditions as the Board may deem necessary.

Rule 70-6-.05 Fining Schedule

Any person licensed by the Georgia State Board of Barbers shall be required to pay to the Georgia State Board of Barbers a fine for each of the violations listed under this section.

A citation shall be issued by an inspector or representative of the board for the violation of the rules and regulations, and shall be given to the licensee to pay within 30 days of the issuance of the citation unless the licensee requests in writing a hearing before the board. Such request for a hearing must be received by the board within 30 days after receipt of the citation. Failure either to pay the fine or request a hearing shall result in immediate suspension of the license pending a hearing to determine whether other disciplinary or revocation action should be imposed on the licensee. Repeated violations of the rules and regulations shall result in the suspension or revoking of the certificate of registration to practice barbering.

(a) Violations Fines for Barber Shops:
1. Failure to have all persons working currently licensed. O.C.G.A. Sec. 43-7-10. Unlicensed - $250; Expired License - $150
2. Failure to post license at work station. 70-4-.08. $75
3. Failure to have current shop license. 70-2-.08; O.C.G.A. Sec. 43-7-10. $250
4. Failure to keep apprentice reports up to date. 70-2-.07(9)(10). $250
5. Failure of apprentice to be under direct supervision of qualified master licensed holder.

70-2-.07. $250

6. Failure to have sanitary regulations posted. 70-2-.08. $75
7. Failure to post shop license in a conspicuous place. 70-2-.08. $250
8. Failure to post current inspection report in a conspicuous place. 70-4-.08. $50
9. Failure of establishment to be properly equipped to provide services for barbering.

70-4-.01. $50

10. Failure to have shop separated by tight, ceiling high partition from residence rooms.

70-4-.03. $250

11. Failure to have furniture, walls, equipment, tools, appliances and utensils free from dust, dirt and debris. 70-4-.04. $250
12. Failure to have proper toilet and plumbing facilities. 70-4-.05. $250
13. Failure to have hot and cold running water. 70-4-.05. $250
14. Failure to have wet and dry sterilizers for each work station. 70-5-.03. $250
15. Failure to have used or soiled towels in covered containers. 70-5-.02. $250
16. Failure to use clean and sterilized articles on each customer. 70-5-.03. $125
17. Failure to have creams, lotions, other cosmetics for use on patrons in sanitary, closed container. 70-5-.06. $250
18. Failure to have waste and garbage removed daily. 70-5-.04. $150
19. Failure to have sign prohibiting pets (except seeing eye dogs). 70-5-.07. $50
20. Failure of supervising master barber to provide apprentice with textbook and necessary equipment to study the occupation of barbering. 70-2-.07. $250
21. Failure of Supervising Master Barber to submit apprentice hours as mandated by rule 70-2-.07. $250
(b) Violation Fines for Barber Schools:
1. Failure to have all persons working currently licensed (O.C.G.A. Sec. 43-7-10). Unlicensed - $500; Expired License - $250
2. Failure to have front entrance sign denoting type of school. 70-3-.01(a). $250
3. Failure to have sign showing "Service by Students Only." 70-3-.01(1)(n). $100
4. Failure to have sign prohibiting pets (except seeing eye dogs) 70-3-.01(1)(o). $50
5. Failure to have all current instructor permits posted in prominent place.70-2-11(1). $250
6. Failure to have rules and regulations posted. 70-2-.03(9). $75
7. Failure to have most recent inspection report posted in a prominent place.70-2-11. $50
8. Failure to have one (1) instructor for every 20 students or fraction thereof. O.C.G.A. Sec. 43-7-14. $250
9. Failure to keep weekly reports of student credit hours current. 70-2-.03(11). $250
10. Failure to have instructors while on school premises devoting entire time to instruction of students. O.C.G.A. Sec. 43-7-14(9). $250
11. Failure to keep progress reports current. 70-2-.03(11). $250
12. Failure of students who are performing clinical services on patrons to have completed the required hours. 70-3-.02(a). $250
13. Failure to have one (1) wet sterilizer per four (4) work stations. 70-3-.01(1)(d). $100
14. Failure to have one (1) dry sterilizer for each work station. 70-3-.01(1)(k). $100
15. Failure to have one shampoo basin per work station. 70-3-.01(1)(e). $100
16. Failure to have seven (7) hair dryers for enrollment of 16 students and one (1) for each additional five (5) students. 70-3-.01(1)(g). $250
17. Failure to have work stations with mirrors for each individual student. 70-3-.01(1)(h). $50
18. Failure to have sixteen (16) mannequins and one (1) for each additional five (5) students.

70-3-.01(1)(j) $250

19. Failure to have closed cabinet(s) for clean linen. 70-3-.01(1)(l). $250
20. Failure to have locker space for each student. 70-3-.01(1)(m). $50
21. Failure to provide basic kit for Barber students. 70-2-.03(5) and 70-3-.01(f). $250
22. Failure to have ten (10) towels per student. 70-3-.01(1)(r). $50
23. Failure to have used linen in covered container. 70-3-01(1)(i). $250
24. Failure to have sufficient chalkboards. 70-3-.01(1)(c). $50
25. Failure to have audio visual aid. 70-3-.01(1)(q). $100
26. Failure to have shampoo bowls sanitary. 70-5-.01. $250
27. Failure to remove garbage at night. 70-5-.04. $150
28. Failure to have metal filing cabinets for school and student records. 70-3-.01(1)(b). $100
29. Failure to have standard barber equipment in good working condition. 70-3-.01(2). $250
30. Failure to use permanent ink in maintaining school and student records. 70-3-.03(11). $50
31. Failure to have creams, lotions and other cosmetics for use on patrons in sanitary closed containers. 70-5-.06. $250
32. Failure to have instructor trainees under direct supervision of licensed instructor.

70-3-.03(1). $250

33. Failure to have separate rest rooms for male and female students and proper sanitation.

70-2-03(8). $100

34. Failure to have proper lighting and ventilation. 70-2-.03(7). $100
35. Failure to maintain library with required books approved by the board. 70-2-.03(6). $250
36. Failure to have current school license posted in a prominent place. 70-2-.11(2). $250