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Chapter 620-8 FUMIGATION

Rule 620-8-.01 Definitions of Fumigation Terms

(1) Fumigant-means any substance or combination of substances which emits or liberates a gas, fume, or vapor and which is applied for the purpose of destroying insects, rodents or other pests in Structural Pest Control. For the purpose of this Chapter, the term does not include paradichlorobenzene, naphthalene, aerosol dispersions not containing a gas nor any product which produces a fog, smoke or mist.
(2) Fumigation-means the application of a fumigant to any structure or enclosed space, or to any compartment thereof, as a specified concentration, and exposure period for the purpose of controlling insects, rodents, or other pests.
(3) Enclosed Space-means any structure or other confined area, including, but not limited to, homes, residential or commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, warehouses, railroad cars, trucks, ships, aircraft, or other common carriers. It also includes any special room, vaults, tanks, or chambers used for a fumigation operation.
(4) Fumigation Operation-means all preparations for, issuance of appropriate notifications and warnings, the release of the fumigant, and all post-fumigation requirements, as specified in this Chapter.
(5) Operator-In-Charge-means a Certified operator, authorized to perform or supervise fumigation operations.
(6) Spot Fumigation-means the application of a fumigant to a localized area, item, or harborage within a structure or enclosed space.
(7) Structure-means any building, regardless of its design or type of material used in its construction, whether public or private, vacant or occupied.
(8) Unauthorized Personnel-means any person who is not a member of the crew performing a fumigation operation.

Rule 620-8-.02 Notification Requirements

(1) The Licensee shall provide the Enforcement Agency and the local fire and police departments having jurisdiction with the information specified below, before performing fumigation of any residential or commercial building or other potentially habitable structure:
(a) Location of the structure or enclosed space to be fumigated;
(b) Type of structure or enclosed space and its current use;
(c) Name of the fumigant to be used;
(d) Date, time of release, and approximate exposure period;
(e) Name of the Operator-In-Charge and his day and night telephone numbers.
(2) Notification shall be made to the Enforcement Agency as least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled time of release of the fumigant.
(3) Notification to other agencies shall be made at least three (3) hours prior to scheduled time of release of the fumigant.

Rule 620-8-.03 Fumigation Crew

The fumigation of any residential or commercial building or any other structure which the operator may be reasonably expected to enter at any time during the fumigation operation and exposed to toxic concentrations of the fumigant, shall require a crew of at least two (2) persons, one of whom shall be the Operator-In-Charge.

Rule 620-8-.04 Responsibilities of Operator-In-Charge

(1) The Operator-In-Charge shall:
(a) Provide a written warning to a responsible occupant of any structure to be fumigated at least three (3) hours prior to release of the fumigant, or post such notice on all regular entrances to such building.
(b) Personally supervise all preparations of the structure, including the posting of a sign on all normal ground level entrances, with at least one (1) sign on each side of the structure to be fumigated. Such sign shall be printed in indelible and water insoluble red ink or paint on a white background. The words "DANGER" and "DEADLY POISON" shall be in black letters at least two (2) inches high and sign shall conform to the following format:

Skull and Crossbones

DANGER Fumigation With (Name of Fumigant)

Skull and Crossbones



Name of Fumigator __________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________

Telephone __________________________________________________________

Operator-In-Charge __________________________________________________________

Day Phone ___________________________ Night Phone ____________________________

(c) Make a final inspection before releasing the fumigant and personally confirm that all preparations have been completed, including:
1. That no human beings or domestic animals are present within the structure or enclosed space to be fumigated or in any other structure or enclosed space physically joined or in contact with the structure or enclosed space to be fumigated.
2. That all open flames, pilot lights or oil lamps have been appropriately extinguished.
3. That all doors, windows (unless otherwise specified on the product labeling) and other means of access are locked or barred and that all keys are in his possession.
4. That all foods or other materials subject to contamination by the fumigant have been removed from the structure or enclosed space, or sealed in six (6) mil polyethylene bags.
5. That all personnel engaged in the fumigation operation are outside the structure or enclosed space to be fumigated.
6. That a capable, alert watchman is present and will remain present at the fumigation site to prevent entry of any unauthorized person until the exposure period has elapsed, ventilation has been completed and the Operator-In-Charge has declared the structure or enclosed space to be safe for human occupancy.
(d) Be responsible for insuring that all safety precautions and appropriate application procedures are applied by any uncertified employee who performs spot fumigation under his supervision.

Rule 620-8-.05 Exemptions

Prior notification to the Enforcement Agency and local fire and police departments and the posting of a watchman shall not be required for fumigation of aircraft, railroad cars, tanks, trucks, or other common carrier, or any chamber, vault or special room specially designed for fumigation.

Rule 620-8-.06 Enforcement

If, during the term of any contract covering fumigation of a structure, an infestation is found of any pest for whose control the fumigation was performed, no liquid spot treatment shall be allowed by the licensee; and such structure shall be fumigated again by the licensee at no cost to the owner.