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Rule 130-4-.01 Facilities

(1) All facilities (salons/shops or schools) wherein cosmetology services are practiced or taught within the State of Georgia must provide suitable quarters equipped to give adequate services.

All facilities are subject to inspection by any Board member or inspector, who shall have the power and right to enter into and make reasonable inspection of any facility during regular business hours; and refusal of or failure to permit or cooperate with such reasonable inspection shall subject an individual and/or a facility holding a certificate of registration issued by the Board to sanctions, including revocation of the certificate of registration.

(2) A beauty facility shall have a permanent and definite location in which the cosmetology professions of master cosmetologist, hair designer, nail technician, and/or esthetician, are practiced in accordance with the laws and rules of the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology. All mobile units, including kiosks, carts, mobile homes, trailers, and motor homes, shall not be licensed as salons/shops unless they meet all requirements of the Board and are permanently anchored on the ground with wheels detached.

Rule 130-4-.02 Use of Facility for Home Salon/Shop

Space used for a cosmetology facility must be separated by tight, ceiling high partitions from residence rooms and must have separate restrooms. The cosmetology facility shall have a separate outside entrance. Separate space must be provided for a cosmetology facility. The use of any such space for sleeping, dining or any other domestic purpose is prohibited.

Rule 130-4-.03 Facilities (salon/shop/school)

Space used for a cosmetology facility must be separated by tight, ceiling high partitions from other commercial facilities.

Rule 130-4-.04 Cleanliness

Walls, ceiling, floors, furniture and equipment must be kept free from excessive dust, dirt and debris. All equipment must be kept in good and safe working condition.

Rule 130-4-.05 Plumbing, Hot and Cold Water

Each facility must have proper toilet and plumbing facilities and an adequate supply of hot and cold running water in accordance with recognized health standards.

Rule 130-4-.06 Apprentices

No cosmetology salon/shop shall have in training more than one apprentice for each person licensed at the master cosmetologist, hair designer esthetician or nail technician level. More than one apprentice is permissible if affirmatively shown to the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology that the apprentice will be denied the opportunity of learning the profession of cosmetology, hair design, esthetics, or nail technology provided that the burden of proof shall be upon the person or persons seeking to show that the opportunity to learn the profession has been denied.

(1) Each apprentice shall be trained and supervised by one master cosmetologist as shown on the apprentice's registration filed with the Board by the salon/shop owner/manager.
(2) The salon/shop owner/manager may temporarily designate a qualified master to train and supervise the apprentice in the absence of the master licensee who is registered with the Board as being the master responsible for training the apprentice. The temporarily designated master shall have at least 36 months experience and shall have held a certificate of a master for at least 36 months as required by O.C.G.A. § 43-10-14(a). The burden of proof for establishing that circumstances exist which require assigning an apprentice to another licensed and qualified master on a temporary basis shall be deemed to have been met if the training master is absent from the salon/shop for a limited duration of time. Such time periods include, but are not limited to, illness, jury duty, military leave, absences for personal business or travel, vacation, temporary leave of absence from work, or a leave under the federal "Family and Medical Leave Act".
(3) Any apprentice training hours obtained at a location other than the salon/shop registered with the Board as the apprentice's training salon/shop shall not be counted toward the number of hours required for examination and licensing.

Rule 130-4-.07 Employment of Barbers in Cosmetology Shops or Salons

(1) A person holding a current Georgia Master Barber License may be employed in a cosmetology salon/shop without salon/shop having a barber shop license.
(2) A licensed master barber shall not train an apprentice barber in a cosmetology salon/shop.

Rule 130-4-.08 Posting of Licenses, Rules, Reports and Inspection Reports

(1) Each salon/shop shall post in an open area the current salon/shop license issued to them by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology, or a current copy of the online verification of licensure.
(2) Each person employed in the salon/shop shall post, in an open area, the current license/permit issued to them by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology or the Georgia State Board of Barbers, or a current copy of the online verification of licensure.
(3) Salons/Shops shall have posted in an open area at all times a copy of the most recent inspection report.
(4) Salons/Shops shall comply with rules for sanitation, health and disinfectants in Chapter 130-5 of the Rules of Georgia State Board of Cosmetology.
(5) Sanitary rules and regulations governing salons or shops in the State of Georgia shall be posted in an open area in the salon/shop so as to be easily read by customers.