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Rule 54-3-.01 Application

(1) Any person who seeks to practice as an athlete agent shall apply for registration on forms which will be provided upon request.
(2) Any person who seeks to practice as an athlete agent shall submit one Application for Athlete Agent Registration, and
(a) if the applicant seeks to register as an individual, that person shall submit one Personal Record; however,
(b) if the applicant seeks to register as a company, corporation, association, partnership or other legal entity, each person, except bona fide employees, on stated salaries, who are financially interested, either as partners, associates, or profit sharers, in the operation of the business of the athlete agent or who the athlete agent business will authorize to (contact) an athlete on the business's behalf, shall submit one Personal Record.
(3) Business Location. The applicant shall provide the Commission with the street address of its principal place of business from which it proposes to conduct business as an athlete agent.
(4) Training or Experience. Each individual who completes a Personal Record shall submit affidavits or certificates of completion of any and all formal training or practical experience in any one of the following areas:
(a) Contracts,
(b) Contract negotiations,
(c) Complaint resolution,
(d) Arbitration, and
(e) Civil resolution of contract disputes.
(f) Persons without experience in at least one of the five areas listed in this subsection may request in writing that the Commission consider other relevant training and practical experience. The written request must set forth with particularity the specific training and practical experience which the applicant possesses and the applicant's reasons for requesting that the requirements of this subsection be waived. The Commission, in its sole discretion, may accept other relevant training, education or experience that it deems to be appropriate.
(5) An application must be complete within six (6) months of the date the first document was received by the Board. The commission will only review a complete file which consists of an Application for Athlete Agent Registration (with attached affidavits or certificates of completion), Personal Record(s), Surety Bond and fee.

Rule 54-3-.02 Fees

Each Personal Record must be accompanied by an application fee. Application fees are non-refundable. See fee schedule.

Rule 54-3-.03 Surety Bond

(1) An applicant for registration shall deposit with the Commission a surety bond in the penal sum of $10,000. The bond shall run concurrently with the registration period. At no time during any registration period shall the athlete agent be without the bond. The bond shall be executed in favor of the State with a surety company authorized to do business in Georgia. The bond shall be conditioned to pay a pro rata share of the amount of the bond for damages to each athletic department aggrieved by any act which the agent commits which violates Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 43-4A-16 or any act which would be grounds for revocation of the athlete agent's registration under Official Code of Georgia Annotated §§ 43-4A-7 or 43-4A-8.
(2) If a registered athlete agent fails to maintain a surety bond, the Commission shall suspend the registration until such time as the agent obtains a new bond. An athlete agent shall not carry on business as an athlete agent during such period of suspension.

Rule 54-3-.04 Investigation of Applicants

(1) The Commission or its designated agents may conduct an on-site examination of the applicant's business premises to verify that it is the principal place of business in which the applicant proposes to conduct business as an athlete agent.
(2) The Commission will do a background investigation into the applicant's prior business practices, experience, training, etc.

Rule 54-3-.05 Approval of Registration

The Commission shall notify an applicant in writing once their registration has been approved.

Rule 54-3-.06 Temporary Registration

(1) The Commission may in its discretion, issue a temporary registration.
(2) A temporary registration may be issued upon receipt of an Application for Athlete Agent Registration (with attached affidavits or certificates of completion), Personal Record(s), Surety Bond and Fee (See Fee Schedule).
(3) A temporary registration is subject to revocation for cause.

Rule 54-3-.07 Refusal to Grant Registration

(1) The Commission may refuse to grant a registration or may limit and/or restrict a registration upon making a finding that an applicant has committed any act which is enumerated in Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 43-4A-7(a).
(2) The Commission shall notify an applicant by registered mail or by personal service of the Commission's refusal to grant a registration. The notice shall set forth the reason(s) for the refusal.
(3) Within 60 days of receipt of a notice of refusal to grant a registration, an applicant may file a written request to appear before the Commission as in a non-contested case under the Administrative Procedures Act. The Commission will then schedule a time for the applicant to appear before the Commission at a regularly scheduled meeting. The applicant may present additional documentation at the meeting.
(4) The Commission shall notify the applicant, in writing, of its decision after it has met with the applicant. Notice of registration or of refusal to grant registration shall be by registered mail or by personal service; and
(5) An applicant who has been refused registration may submit a new application, supporting documentation, and the appropriate fee to the Commission subsequent to receipt of notification of the refusal of the registration.