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Rule 539-5-.01 Types of Instructors

(1) Only instructors approved, by name, by the Board; guest instructors as provided for in paragraph (4) of this Rule; or instructors identified on the application for a course that is approved by the Board may teach courses approved by the Board to meet the educational requirement for state registered real property appraiser, for state licensed real property appraiser, for state certified residential real property appraiser, for state certified general real property appraiser. Instructors approved, by name, by the Board may teach any course approved by the Board.
(2) Applicants for instructor approval shall file an application for approval with the Board. The application shall be signed by the applicant. The application shall include a resume of the applicant's background and include the following information:
(a) appraiser classification status;
(b) teaching experience with recommendations and evaluations from supervisors, colleagues, and students;
(c) real estate appraisal education as evidenced by formal professional education;
(d) real estate appraisal experience as evidenced by association with professional associations, experience with auxiliary fields, continuing education and training, and specific numbers and types of appraisal assignment in which the applicant has been involved;
(e) formal education experience; and
(f) evidence of the applicant's having completed, within one year prior to making an application for instructor approval, an instructor development workshop approved by the Board.
(3) In approving the applicant, the Board shall consider qualifications from the six areas above and student and approved instructor evaluations of the applicant. However, in granting approval the Board will give most weight to the applicant's teaching experience, involvement in a wide variety of appraisal assignments, and satisfactory evaluation of the applicant's performance in apprentice instruction in a Board approved course of study. The Board shall be the final determinant of approval of instructors.
(4) Schools may utilize guest instructors with expertise in particular areas in any approved course provided a properly approved instructor is present at the time of their presentation. Schools may, however, utilize guest instructors without an approved instructor's being present with the prior written approval of the Board.

Rule 539-5-.02 Approval Procedures

(1) The Board shall approve, disapprove, or request further information on all applications for instructor approval within sixty (60) days of the receipt of a completed application.
(2) If an applicant for instructor or an instructor has an appraiser classification and that classification is sanctioned by the Board, such sanction may be grounds for Board withdrawal of approval or denial of approval as an instructor.

Rule 539-5-.03 Renewal of Approval

All instructors must apply for renewal of approval by December 31st each year. Renewal applications must be on forms supplied by the Board and accompanied by:

(a) the required renewal fee established in Rule 539-1-.02 ;
(b) satisfactory evidence that the applicant has engaged in at least 14 hours of instructional contact with students in any Board approved course during the preceding year or has completed at least seven hours of an instructor development workshop approved by the Board or by an appraiser licensing agency in another state; or
(c) satisfactory proof that the instructor has attended during the renewal period at least 14 hours of Board approved continuing education courses for appraiser instructors; such courses can include school meetings, instructor development workshops, and any other courses which the Board approves for instructor continuing education prior to the instructor's taking the course.

Rule 539-5-.04 Evaluation of Instructors

(1) The school coordinator/director shall be responsible for consistent and regular evaluation of the school's instructors. The coordinator/director shall provide students with an opportunity to make unsigned, written evaluations of instructors.
(2) Each time any school uses an instructor for the first time, the school coordinator/director shall evaluate the instructor and maintain this evaluation in the school files along with the original student evaluations of the instructor.
(3) Subsequent evaluations on instructors previously evaluated and qualified and which a school uses in any calendar year shall be completed at least annually, by the coordinator/director and should be used to measure any change in the quality of the instruction.
(4) Upon receipt of a sworn written request for an investigation or at its own discretion, the Real Estate Appraisers Board may request, and the coordinator/director shall supply additional student and coordinator/director evaluations on specific individual instructors in question. These evaluations may be used by the Board to determine what action to take to improve the quality of instruction.

Rule 539-5-.05 Violations

(1) Any violation of the provisions of this Chapter or any falsification or misrepresentation on the application for approval or renewal may result in withdrawal of approval or any sanction permitted by O.C.G.A. Section 43-39A-18 or any citation permitted in O.C.G.A.§ 43-39A-18.1.
(2) Before imposing any sanction for a violation of this Chapter, the Board shall afford a hearing in accordance with the "Georgia Administrative Procedure Act" [O.C.G.A. Chapter 50-13] to the instructor allegedly violating this Chapter.