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Chapter 345-10 DISCIPLINE

Rule 345-10-.01 General Provisions

(1) Upon finding that a violation has occurred, in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 43-1-19 and 43-24A-7, the Board has the authority to refuse to grant a license to a person, revoke the license of a person licensed by the Board, discipline or sanction a person licensed by the Board, or, refuse to renew a license.
(2) In addition, the Board may impose any or all, but not limited to, the following:
(a) Public or Private Reprimand;
(b) Letter of Concern;
(c) Imposition of Fine(s);
(d) Period of Probation;
(e) Cease and Desist Order;
(f) Any other action the Board may deem appropriate, up to and including possible suspension and/or revocation of the professional license.
(3) The Board may consider each violation as a separate violation and impose a fine of not more than $500 for each convicted offense, $1000 per subsequent conviction and/or possible imprisonment, in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 43-1-20 and 43-24A-24.
(4) Mitigating circumstances may be taken into account in varying the sanctions subject to the Board's discretion. Mitigating circumstances shall not include failure to notify the Board of an address change or failure to receive a renewal application or reminder notice.

Rule 345-10-.02 Display of LIcense

All licensees shall display their license certificate, easily and readily available for anyone to observe, in all locations of the licensees practice as a massage therapist.

Rule 345-10-.03 Advertising

(1) It shall be considered a violation of the massage therapy practice act to:
(a) publicly misrepresent oneself to be a massage therapist in any form of advertisement unless the individual has an active, valid license issued by the Board to practice massage therapy in Georgia;
(b) advertise massage therapy services in conjunction with adult entertainment, escort or dating services.
(2) Only duly licensed massage therapists practicing in accordance with the Board rules and Georgia law may practice massage therapy in Georgia, or, use in connection with their own name or that of their business or employer, the terms massage, massage therapy, massage therapist, massage practitioner, or the letters M.T. or L.M.T. or any other representation either direct or indirect, indicating to the general public that massage therapy is provided or available. Such activities are prohibited unless the provider is an actively licensed massage therapist by the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy.
(3) Actively licensed massage therapist shall include their Georgia massage therapy license number on all forms of advertisement no later than October 31, 2010.
(4) Establishments providing massage therapy services by more than one licensed massage therapist shall include on all forms of advertisement no later than October 31, 2010 the following statement: "Georgia Licensed Massage Therapists".

Rule 345-10-.04 Unlicensed Practice

(1) Individuals who have engaged in the practice of massage therapy without a valid and active Georgia license shall be subject to a Cease and Desist Order, public reprimand, fine, and/or other sanction imposed by the board, as authorized by law.
(2) Fines for unlicensed practice, in addition to or in conjunction with any other board sanction, may be imposed according to the following guidelines:
(a) Unlicensed practice determined by the board to be:
1. Practice for one (1) month or less: Letter of Concern from the board;
2. Practice over one (1) month but not exceeding three (3) months: fine of $100 per month;
3. Practice over three (3) months but not exceeding one (1) year: fine of $500;
4. Practice over one (1) year but not exceeding two (2) years: fine of $750;
5. Practice over two (2) years but not exceeding three (3) years: fine of $1,000;
6. Practice over three (3) years: fine of $1000 plus an additional fine of $100 for each month or portion thereof over three (3) years, not to exceed a total fine of $5,000.
(b) Mitigating circumstances may be taken into account in varying the amount of assessed fines, subject to the board's discretion.
(c) Licensees who fail to renew their licenses by the license expiration date, and who continue to practice as massage therapists after the license expiration date, have engaged in unlicensed practice and are subject to disciplinary action and fines imposed by the board.
(3) It is the responsibility of the licensee to inform the board in writing of a change in any of the following information within thirty (30) days of such change:
(a) physical address;
(b) mailing address;
(c) email address;
(d) telephone number(s); and
(e) change of name (must provide legal documentation reflecting name change).
(4) It is the responsibility of each licensee to renew his or her license prior to the license expiration date regardless of whether the licensee receives a renewal notice from the board.