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Rule 310-9-.01 Reporting Requirements

(1) Beginning with applications for renewal of registrations which expire on December 31, 1996, a registered landscape architect must have completed 12 hours of acceptable continuing education during the two-year period immediately preceding each biennial renewal date as a condition for registration renewal.
(2) An applicant for registration renewal who has been initially registered in Georgia as a registered landscape architect for one year, but less than two, at the date of registration expiration must have completed six hours of acceptable continuing education during the period between initial registration and the expiration date as a condition for registration renewal.
(3) An applicant for license renewal who has been initially licensed in Georgia as a registered landscape architect for less than one year at the date of registration expiration will not be required to complete any hours of continuing education prior to that first registration expiration date as a condition for license renewal.
(4) All applicants for biennial registration renewal will report having completed the continuing education required in this section as part of the application for registration renewal.
(5) Failure to comply with the provisions of this section will result in non-renewal of the landscape architect registration. Registered landscape architects whose registrations have expired for non-renewal are prohibited from identifying themselves as registered landscape architects and practicing landscape architecture.

Rule 310-9-.02 Record Maintenance and Verification

(1) Responsibility for documenting the fulfillment of the continuing education requirements provided for in this section rests with the registrant and the registrant must retain for a period of four years the evidence to support fulfillment of the requirements. Such evidence shall include evidence of completion of each course or program, a description of the contents of each course or program, and verification of the number of hours of each course or program; or, for other activities which meet the requirements, such documentation as to ascertain their completion.
(2) The Board will verify on a test basis satisfactory completion of the requirements in this section. In doing so, the Board may require registrants to submit copies of the documentation described in paragraph (1) above to the Board and may require other information as it deems necessary to decide upon the acceptability of a course or program. In cases where the Board determines that the requirements have not been met, the Board may grant an additional period of time in which the deficiencies may be corrected.

Rule 310-9-.03 Exemptions

(a) The Board may relax or suspend the requirements of continuing education for reasons of individual hardship or health of the registrant based on the registrant's written request and accompanying supporting documentation.
(b) The board shall waive the continuing education requirement for individuals over the age of 65 who are engaged in the active practice of their profession who have had a valid active license for the previous 25 consecutive years.

Rule 310-9-.04 Approved Programs

(1) Courses or programs offered by institutions of higher learning, specialty societies, professional organizations and government agencies will be considered acceptable provided that they are developed and conducted by qualified persons, provide the registrant with evidence of attendance or satisfactory completion, and consist of subject matter which contributes directly to the professional competence of a registrant in the practice of landscape architecture.
(2) Correspondence Courses. Correspondence courses and independent study programs which meet the criteria provided in (1) above are permitted if the course provides for interaction between the participant and instructor or administrator. This usually takes the form of periodic examinations and must be documented.
(3) Academic Courses. University and college courses offered in a degree program which meet the criteria provided in (1) above are permitted so long as the course is not taken to meet the education requirements for registration as a landscape architect.
(4) Independent Research and Publications. Credit may be awarded for published articles and books provided they contribute to the professional competence of the applicant. Credit for preparation of such publications may be given on a self-declaration basis up to 50% of the total hours required. In exceptional circumstances an applicant may request additional credit by submitting the article(s) or book(s) to the Board with an explanation of the circumstances which justify a greater credit.
(5) Service to the Profession and/or Public Service. Rendering service to the profession and/or the public through appointment, election or volunteerism on city/county/state/national commissions or boards, professional societies, councils or committees will be considered acceptable provided the positions held and activities conducted consistently relate to issues considered relative to the practice of landscape architecture. Tasks include, but are not limited to: registration examination grading and question writing; advocacy; public awareness; policy, etc. Documentation must be retained and submitted verifying length of service, position/title, description and function of entity, meeting dates and agenda. Credit for such service may not exceed 4 contact hours per renewal cycle.

Rule 310-9-.05 Calculation of Hours of Credit

(1) Credit accrues at a rate of one hour for each hour of actual contact. This shall be known as a contact hour or clock hour. Three hours of tour or field session activities are required to equal one contact hour. For providers who measure continuing education activities in "Continuing Education Units" (CEUs), one CEU is defined as 10 contact hours of continuing education. Credit will not be allowed for any program which in its entirety, including question and answer periods, lasts less than sixty minutes. However, credit may be rounded down to the nearest whole or half hour, so long as it is at least one hour. Credit will not be given for time spent in introductory remarks, coffee and luncheon breaks, meals, or business meetings where no organized course work is presented.
(2) Credit as an instructor, discussion leader or speaker will be allowed for any course or program provided that it is one which would meet the continuing education requirements of those attending. The credit allowed an instructor, discussion leader or a speaker will be on the basis of two hours of continuing education credit for each hour of teaching. No credit will be given for preparation and no additional credit will be allowed for repetition of the same program.
(3) Each semester hour of credit from a college or university shall be deemed to be fifteen hours and each quarter hour of credit shall be deemed to be ten hours.