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Rule 267-23-.01 Purpose

The Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (the Authority) is considering engaging a qualified and experienced contractor to provide professional services to manage CMAQ Vehicle & Infrastructure projects, henceforth referred to as the PROGRAM. The goal of the PROGRAM is to promote alternative fuel vehicles and improve air quality in the metro Atlanta ozone non-attainment area through the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles and related infrastructure.

The Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority is requesting statements of qualifications from applicants interested in providing such services.

Rule 267-23-.02 The Name of the Grant Program

CMAQ Vehicle & Infrastructure Program

Contract for Project Management

Request for Qualifications

Rule 267-23-.03 The Citation to Statutory Basis for the Grant Program in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated or Other General Law of the State of Georgia

The program will be funded by the Federal Highway Administration through the Georgia Department of Transportation and local match from public and private sources.

Rule 267-23-.04 The General Scope and Purpose of the Grant Program

A diverse group of public and private organizations is currently working in the 13-county metro Atlanta ozone non-attainment area to improve air quality through alternative fuel vehicle activities. Alternative fuel vehicles have been recognized as one of the many solutions to air quality problems, as they cut emissions by up to 97% in comparison with the emissions produced by vehicles powered by conventional fuels. In addition, alternative fuel vehicles reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

The PROGRAM will implement projects selected by a committee of representatives from State and Local Government, as well as private sector representatives. This PROGRAM requires expertise in several disciplines. Project elements include knowledge of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure, and experience in successfully managing federally funded projects. Potential contractors should submit qualifications for both program elements. The Authority intends to administer this program under one contract.

Potential contractors interested in the PROGRAM must comply with the requirements described below. The selection process consists of three phases. Phase I is the response, or Statement of Qualifications (SOQ), from applicants according to the requirements of this FOGA. Applicants' SOQ must include a cover letter explaining their availability and interest, and must provide information addressing Sections 1 and 2. Phase II is the evaluations of the SOQs. Phase III consists of interviews with the top finalists, if deemed necessary.


For the PROGRAM, describe the applicant's qualifications in the areas of:

Section 1 Project Management

Experience in successfully managing a federal grant program

a) Over-sight and Coordination of multiple inter-related projects
b) Monitoring of project status
c) Quarterly reporting of project results
d) Experience in contract review, preparation and development
e) Experience in working with advisory groups and boards of directors
f) Experience in ensuring that local match requirements are met
g) Experience in program coordination and integration with a state agency
Section 2 Knowledge of AFV Vehicles & Infrastructure

The successful applicant should have individual project managers on staff with knowledge of alternative fuel vehicles and related infrastructure. Please name the key individuals and explain their qualifications.

Rule 267-23-.05 General Terms and Conditions of the Grant

The contract for this program will be for one year with an option to extend the contract until the projects have been completed. It is anticipated that work will begin in January 2003.

Project management fees will be a flat 6% of the total project budget. There will be no other additional fees paid as a result of this program. It is estimated that there will be $8.134 million in projects. Project management fees will be paid as designated milestones are reached. These milestones will be stipulated in the contract.

This program is based on GEFA and GDOT reaching an agreement on the administration of the CMAQ funding. GEFA reserves the right to reject any and all submittals, to withdraw this Request for Qualifications, to withdraw from contract negotiations, and/or to re-issue this Request for Qualifications at a later time.

Rule 267-23-.06 Eligible Recipients of the Grant

The contractor is required to have experience, tested skills and a level of knowledge of the issues. The contractor should also have a good understanding of current programs, as well as other skills that are detailed in Sections 1 and 2.

Rule 267-23-.07 The Criteria for the Award of the Grant

Applicants will be evaluated based on possession of high ethical and professional standing, recent experience in program management related to the PROGRAM, and experience and versatility in performing a wide range of activities similar to those of the PROGRAM. Criteria includes qualifications of personnel, stability of the firm and its work force, ability to complete work on time, ability to verify match requirements, knowledge of the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (including GDOT policies and procedures), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) policies, knowledge and experience with federal contract administration requirements, financial soundness of the firm, and ability to produce deliverables. Priority will be given to applicants whose primary base of operation is in the State of Georgia.


Phase II - Evaluation of Statement of Qualifications

Each submitted SOQ will be evaluated and ranked from highest to lowest by a Review Committee, comprised of representatives of GDOT, GEFA and others, as appropriate.

Upon completion of this evaluation, the field of applicants will be narrowed to a list of not more than three top candidates, and invited to participate in Phase III of the Selection Process, if necessary.

Phase III - Interview with Finalists

Phase III will include an interview of the applicant(s) and will take place in the GEFA Conference Room, 100 Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 2090, Atlanta, GA. The interview will include a presentation by the applicant(s) on how they plan to execute the scope of work, staffing, and a question-and-answer period. The interview will last no longer than 90 minutes.

Final Candidate Selection

Following Phase III of the process, a final selection will be made of the applicant best qualified to accomplish the objectives of the PROGRAM. Final selection will be based on scores derived from the interview between each Phase III applicant and the Selection Committee, as well as from their Statement of Qualifications.

Each applicant will be ranked from highest to lowest, with a total of 200 possible points as follows:

Statement of Qualifications

150 points


50 points

GEFA will attempt to negotiate a final Contract and Budget with the selected applicant. If the negotiation process with the selected applicant is not successful within ten (10) business days, GEFA may attempt to negotiate with the second highest ranked applicant. If this negotiation is not successful within ten (10) business days, then GEFA may attempt to negotiate with the third highest ranked applicant.

The Statement of Qualifications (four copies) should be submitted in accordance with the time frames and other requirements set forth in Phase I. It is anticipated that Phase II of the selection process will be completed within seven days of the required due date for all Statements of Qualifications.

It is anticipated that within seven days of the last interview with the applicants the Selection Committee (GDOT, GEFA and others, as appropriate) will complete its selection of the final applicant.

Rule 267-23-.08 Directions and Deadlines for Applying for Such Grant

Those interested in being considered for this project should present four copies of the statement of qualifications to GEFA by January 24, 2003. Statements of qualifications may also be submitted in electronic format via e-mail to The Authority may request additional information regarding qualifications and experience from the applicants after the statements of qualifications have been reviewed. The Authority may schedule applicant interviews, if necessary.

Questions concerning this RFQ may be submitted prior to January 20, 2003. Questions should be submitted to Julia Miller at (404) 656-7972 or Answers will be made available to all interested consultants.

Submittals of statements of qualifications should be no more than twelve (12) pages in length (exclusive of cover sheet) and must include (in addition to the information provided in response to sections 1 and 2) the following information:

1. Firm or Organization name, address, telephone number, former firm names, official Georgia address (if applicable), joint venture partner information (if applicable), and sub-consultants (including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) to be used by the firm. If the firm has branch offices, state which office will be performing the majority of the work.
2. Resumes of principals and key personnel who will perform the work and information regarding their availability for the duration of the contract.
3. References for work performed in the field of each element for which qualifications are submitted: project management, and knowledge of AFVs and related infrastructure.
4. Other information will be considered, so long as the total length of the submittal does not exceed twelve (12) pages in length. Failure to meet this requirement will be considered "nonresponsive" and the entire submittal will be rejected.

GEFA reserves the right to retain all Statements of Qualifications and other materials submitted as part of the Statement of Qualifications.

Those wishing to be considered for this project should respond with a Statement of Qualifications to Julia Miller at the following address. Statements of Qualifications must be received in GEFA's office by 3:00 PM, January 24, 2003.

Julia Miller

Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority

100 Peachtree Street, NW

Suite 2090

Atlanta, GA 30303-1911

The Statement of Qualifications may also be e-mailed to:


Deadline for Application Submittals January 24, 2003

Evaluation of Statement of Qualifications January 27, 2003

Invitation to Interview January 27, 2003

Interview with Finalists January 31, 2003

Selection of Final Applicant February 3, 2003