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Rule 240-17-.01 Nail Care School Equipment

(1) Each school of nail care must provide the following minimum equipment:
(a) secured storage for school and student records (locking filing cabinet, desk, etc.);
(b) sufficient instructional displays (dry erase, chalkboard, etc);
(c) audio visual aids;
(d) locker space must be furnished for each student;
(e) school minimum floor space 1,500 sq. ft;
(f) a minimum of four hand washing sinks separate from restrooms for enrollment up to fifteen (15) students and one additional sink for each fifteen (15) students;
(g) fifteen (15) nail stations with adequate light and two (2) chairs for each student;
(h) an appropriate disinfection container which is in accordance with Board rules;
(i) sealed container for storage of disinfected implements (ultraviolet (UV) sanitizers are acceptable for use as a storage container);
(j) covered waste containers for each station;
(k) closed cabinet for clean towels (the closed containers or cabinets may contain small openings for the purpose of ventilation);
(l) covered container for soiled or disposable towels (the closed containers or cabinets may contain small openings for the purpose of ventilation);
(m) proper paraffin wax machine and paraffin wax;
(n) sufficient trays for nail supplies;
(o) closed container with cotton;
(p) fingerbowl with nail brush for each student;
(q) one set of mannequin hands and/or practice fingers per student;
(r) one (1) whirlpool pedicure spa (with fixed plumbing), three (3) footbaths, and current cleaning and disinfection log;
(s) professional electric nail file/drill;
(t) ultraviolet (UV) Gel light;
(u) abasic kit for each student; the basic kit and supplies for nail technology students shall contain the following:
1. metal cuticle pusher;
2. metal nail file;
3. manicure scissors;
4. cuticle nippers;
5. nail implements;
6. metal drill bits;
7. fingernail clipper;
8. toenail clipper; and
9. tweezers and metal tongs.
(2) nail care supplies (disposable):
a. emery boards;
b. nail buffers;
c. orangewood sticks;
d. cotton balls;
e. cotton swabs;
f. sponges applicators;
g. wooden spatula;
h. foot file or paddle;
i. pedicure slippers and toe separators;
i. disposable gloves;
k. nail polish;
l. polish remover;
m. cuticle remover and cuticle oil;
n. hand cream;
o. materials for acrylic/gel sculptured nails, gel nails, nail wraps and nail tip applications;
p. sanitizing foot soak;
q. massage lotion;
r. antiseptic foot spray;
s. copy of the laws and rules of the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers;
t. one (1) textbook; and
u. one (1) workbook.
(3) All of the above equipment must be standard equipment and maintained in good working condition at all times.
(4) Each cosmetology school desiring to teach a separate course in nail care and having more than fifteen (15) students in the specialized course is required to obtain necessary equipment listed in this chapter.

Rule 240-17-.02 Nail Care Curriculum

The curriculum for students enrolled in a nail care school for a complete course of at least four (4) months and totaling five hundred twenty five (525) hours of training (140 Level 1 theory + 385 Level 2 service application) shall be as follows:

(a) Level 1 Instruction shall be provided by a licensed master cosmetology instructor or licensed nail technician instructor. Each school or licensed instructor shall require each student to successfully complete one hundred forty (140) hours of Level 1 training before the student performs clinical services on a client/patron. For the purposes of this Rule, one (1) theory hour equals one (1) clock hour for the first one hundred forty (140) hours pf training, which are intended to be theoretical in nature.
(1) Theory = (140) - (140 theory hours/140 clock hours):
(i) personal hygiene, professional ethics, and customer relations;
(ii) cleansing and disinfection, public health and safety, infection control and bacteriology;
(iii) AIDS, HIV, and other communicable diseases;
(iv) EPA, OSHA, other government standards, blood spill procedure;
(v) physiology and anatomy, including that of the hands, arms, feet, and legs;
(vi) the art of massage and massage techniques, introduction to reflexology;
(vii) nail composition and structure, nail disorders and nail diseases;
(viii) chemistry, including product knowledge, composition, usage, safety, and hazardous materials;
(ix) methods and procedures and implements, including their usage and safety;
(x) salon business;
(I) salon development and business operations;
(II) client consultations;
(III) business development;
(IV) marketing, advertising, and retailing;
(V) career/business planning, including preparation for interviews, resume writing, and goal setting; and
(xi) Georgia State Board of Cosmetology laws and rules, a copy of which shall be provided to students.
(b) Level 2 service application hours on live subject may begin when a student has completed the one hundred forty (140) required theory hours in the Level 1 curriculum, with a minimum passing score of seventy five percent (75%). The student may then progress to the clinic floor to perform 385 service application hours on live subjects (hours and applications apply to a full set only). The Level 2 service application curriculum shall be as follows:
(1) Sanitizing and Disinfection of Tools, Implements, and Equipment = (5) - (5 service application hours/10 applications):
(i) implements (brushes, tools, and nail care implements) - (3 service application hours/6 applications); and
(ii) manicure stations, pedicure spas, beds and equipment - (2 service application hours/4 applications).
(2) Manicure with hand and forearm massage (basic, hot oil, and various spa manicures) = (70) - 70 service application hours/70 applications);
(3) Pedicure with foot and leg massage (basic and various spa pedicures) = (60) - 60 service application hours/60 applications);
(4) Nail Sculpting = (60) - 60 service application hours/30 applications);
(5) Artificial tip application with overlay = (60) - 60 service application hours/30 applications);
(6) Nail wrapping (silk, linen, etc. on natural nails only) = (20) - 20 service application hours/20 applications);
(7) UV Gel Nails = (20 service application hours/20 applications);
(8) Fill-in application = (40) - (40 service application hours/40 applications);
(9) Artificial nail removal/nail repair = (10) - (10 service application hours/20 applications);
(10) Professional nail drill usage with professional drill designed for fingernails only = (5) - (5 service application hours/10 applications);
(11) Nail art techniques = (5) - (5 service application hours/5 applications);
(12) Airbrush nail art = (5) - (service application hours/5 applications);
(13) Paraffin treatments on hands and feet = (5) - (5 service application hours/10 applications); and
(14) Student competition: advanced techniques and related subjects = (20) - (20 service application hours/20 applications).

Rule 240-17-.03 Nail Care School Curriculum Credit Hours

1. For work performed by students, credits will be allowed to students as listed below:
(a) manicure with hand and forearm massage - 1 clock hour per application;
(b) pedicure with foot and leg massage - 1 clock hour per application;
(c) nail sculpting - 3 clock hours per application;
(d) artificial tip application with overlay - 2 clock hours per application;
(e) nail wrapping (silk, linen, etc.) on natural nails only - 1 clock hour per application;
(f) ultraviolet (UV) gel nails - 1 clock hour per application;
(g) fill in application - 1 clock hour per application;
(h) nail repair or artificial nail removal - 30 minutes per application;
(i) professional nail drill usage - 30 minutes per application;
(j) nail art and airbrush techniques (full set) - 1 clock hour per application;
(k) natural nail overlay - 1 clock hour per application; and
(l) paraffin treatment - 30 minutes per application.
2. A weekly sheet, signed in black ink and/or electronic signature by the student and the instructor, shall be kept for each student, which shows the number of hours of training in each subject. This work sheet shall be sub-totaled in January, April, June, and September, and subject to review by the inspector at any time.
3. Any student shall have the right to refuse to attend classes for more than eight (8) hours in one day.

Rule 240-17-.04 Curriculum for Nail Care Instructor Training

(1) Persons receiving nail care instructor training in a cosmetology or nail care school shall spend all of their training time under the direct supervision of a licensed instructor and shall not be left in charge of students or school at any time without the direct supervision of a licensed instructor.
(2) Persons receiving instructor training are not permitted to perform clinical services on a patron for compensation, either by appointment or otherwise. Persons receiving instructor training shall be furnished a teacher's training manual.
(3) The curriculum in a cosmetology or nail care school for an instructor training course be completed within four (4) months and totaling 250 credit hours of training as stated below. For the purposes of this Rule, (1) credit hour equals one (1) clock hour.
(a) General Education = (100) - (100 credit/100 clock hours):
1. Cosmetology and Barber Laws and rules = (25) - (25 credit/25 clock hours); and
2. Principles of teaching nail care = (75) - (75 credit/75 clock hours).
(b) Teaching techniques and audio visual aids = (75) - (75 credit/75 clock hours):
1. Curriculum development;
2. Lesson plans and presentations;
3. Classroom management and discipline;
4. Demonstrations and Theory lectures; and
5. Various methods of evaluation.
(c) Practice teaching = (75) - (75 credit/75 clock hours).