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Rule 195-1-.01 General Definitions

(1) "Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce" means the organization and its office, formerly known as the Joint Board of Family Practice, redesignated under Ga. Laws 1998, Act 785 (SB 533), and governed by Title 49 Chapter 10 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated as amended to address the physician workforce needs of Georgia communities through the support and development of medical education programs and to administer such grants and programs as may be funded from time to time by the Georgia General Assembly relating to the education and training of physicians.
(2) "Board" means the members serving a term of office on Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce. The Board shall be composed of 15 members, all of whom are residents of Georgia.
(a) Four members shall be primary care physicians, at least two of whom shall be from rural areas, four members shall be physicians who are not primary care physicians, at least two of whom shall practice in rural areas, three members shall be representatives of hospitals which are not teaching hospitals, with at least two of those members being a representative of a rural, nonprofit hospital, and two of such members shall be physicians; one member shall be a dentist; one member shall be a physician assistant; one member shall be a nurse practitioner; and one member shall have no connection with the practice of medicine or the provision of health care. The physicians on the Board shall represent a diversity of medical disciplines including, but not limited to, women's health, geriatrics and children's health and to the greatest extent possible, shall be in the active practice of medicine providing direct patient care. The Board shall represent the gender, racial, and geographical diversity of the state.
(b) All members shall be appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. All members of the board in office on July 1, 2019, shall continue to serve as a member of the board until the expiration of his or her term of office.
1. Successors to members shall be appointed for terms of six years. All members shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualified. Members appointed shall be eligible to serve on the Board until confirmed by the Senate at the session of the General Assembly next following their appointment.
(c) In the case of a vacancy on the Board by reason of death or resignation of a member or for any other cause other than the expiration of the member's term of office, the Board shall by secret ballot elect a temporary successor. If the General Assembly is in session, the temporary successor shall serve until the end of that session. If the General Assembly is not in session, the temporary successor shall serve until the end of the session next following the vacancy or until the expiration of the vacated member's term of office, whichever occurs first. The Governor shall appoint a permanent successor who shall be confirmed by the Senate. The permanent successor shall take office on the first day after the General Assembly adjourns and shall serve for the unexpired term and until his or her successor is appointed and qualified.
(3) The "Executive Director" is the chief administrative officer of the Board and directs the day-to-day operations of its office. The Executive Director is charged to perform all the duties and responsibilities delegated by the Board.
(4) "Standing Committee" means a committee performing a continuous function which will remain in existence permanently or for the life of the assembly that establishes it.
(5) "Special Committee" means a committee organized to carry out a specific task, which at the completion of said task, shall no longer exist.
(6) "Annual Meeting" means the first meeting of the Board after the beginning of the Fiscal Year and at which a quorum is present.
(7) "Georgia Resident" means to qualify as a resident of the state of Georgia for the purpose of participation in the Medical Student Capitation Program, or other Board program where appropriate, an entering freshman student must show he/she has been a legal resident of Georgia for a period of at least twelve months prior to certification of residency. In the event a student is identified as a potential participant after beginning a program of study, the student must demonstrate he/she was a legal resident of Georgia for a period of one year prior to entering the medical school. A Certification of Residency Form, as defined by the "Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce", must be completed. This Form shall be notarized and signed by a judge of the highest court of the county where a student maintains his/her legal residence. Completion of this Form shall constitute sufficient proof of Georgia residency status.

Rule 195-1-.02 Organization

(1) Board. The Board is responsible for conducting programs established pursuant to Ga. Law 1998, Act 785 (SB 533), Title 49 Chapter 10 of the Official C ode of Georgia Annotated, as amended, to address the health care workforce needs of Georgia communities through the support and development of medical education programs, to increase the number of physicians and health care practitioners practicing in underserved rural areas and administering other programs as may be assigned from time to time by Georgia's General Assembly.
(2) Officers. The officers of the Board are the Chairman, V ice -Chairman, and Secretary- Treasurer. They are elected, by ballot, for a one-year term at the annual meeting of the Board. Each officer shall serve until his/her successor is elected. Each officer may succeed him/herself for one term. No one person may hold more than one office. The Chairman, upon completion of his/her term, shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. The responsibilities of the officers include the following:
(a) In addition to directing the day-to- day operations of the Board through the Executive Director, the Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Board. The Chairman also shall appoint all Board committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee, shall submit an Annual Report to the Governor on behalf of the Board, and shall execute contracts and other documents on behalf of the Board.
(b) The Vice-Chairman shall exercise the functions of the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman. The V ice-Chairman may have such other duties as set by the Board from time to time.
(c) The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of Board meetings and actions and shall submit official minutes of all Boar d meetings to the Governor and shall present periodic reports to the Board on its budget.
(d) The election of the Board's officers shall occur at the Annual Meeting. At the Board meeting prior to the Annual one, the Board shall elect a Nominating Committee composed of three Board members which shall present its report at the Annual Meeting; additional nominations may be made from the floor. The election of the officers shall be upon a majority vote of the members voting. The officers shall be installed at the next regular meeting of the Board.
(3) Meetings. The Board shall meet at least four times at regular intervals during the year. Meetings shall be conducted under the Roberts Rule of Order. Additional meetings may be called by the Chairman or upon written request of a majority of members of the Board. The Annual Meeting of the Board is its first meeting of the fiscal year. The meetings of the Board may be held in any place set forth in the notice so long as within the state of Georgia. Not less than seven days notice is required for a meeting except for those called for a special purpose. A majority of members then in office shall constitute a quorum.
(4) Attendance. It shall be the duty of members of the Board to attend the meetings of the Board. If any member fails to attend more than three consecutive regular meetings of the Board, without excuse approved by resolution of the Board, that member's off ice shall be declared vacant, and the Chairman of the Board shall notify the Governor of a vacancy on the Board, and the Governor shall f ill the same.
(5) Standing Committees. Standing Committees of the Board will be the Executive Committee, Budget and Contracts Committee, and Physician Workforce Committee.
(6) Consultation. The Board, as it deems appropriate, shall have the authority to appoint advisory committees to advise it on the fulfillment of its duties. The members of the advisory committee shall not receive any per die m or reimbursement. However, such members shall receive the mileage allowance provided for in Code Section 50-19-7 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated for the use of a personal car in connection with attendance at meetings called by the Board if funds are appropriated and available.
(7) Administrative Attachment. Effective July 1, 1999, the Board shall be attached to the Department of Community Health for administrative purposes only as defined by Code Section 50-4-3 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.
(8) Compensation and allowances. Each member of the Board shall receive the same expense allowance as that received by a member of the General Assembly as provide d by Code Section 45-7-21 for each day or substantial portion thereof that such member is engaged in the work of the Board or for travel as a member of a committee of the Board, which travel has been authorized by the chairman or by action of the Board and shall receive reimbursement for state use mileage as is normally allowed to state employees. No member shall receive the above per diem for more than thirty (30) days in any one calendar year.
(9) Administrative Staff. The Department of Community Health, with the concurrence of the Board shall have the authority to employ such administrative staff as necessary to carry out the functions of the Board. Such staff members will be employed within the limits of the appropriations made to the Board.

Rule 195-1-.03 Adoption of Rules

The Board shall adopt from time to time such Rules as it deems necessary for the operation of the Board and its activities. Any Rules promulgated by the Board shall be adopted in compliance with the Georgia Administrative Procedure Act (O.C.G.A. 50-13-4).

Rule 195-1-.04 Hearing Procedure

The Board shall conduct all hearings in accordance with the Georgia Administrative Procedure Act (O.C.G.A. 50-13-13).

Rule 195-1-.05 Repealed