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Rule 110-29-1-.01 Purpose

The purpose of the Regional Recycling Transfer/Processing Hub Grant Program is to provide eligible applicants capital investment funding to support the collection, handling, minimal processing, and cost-effective transportation of recyclable materials that are collected commingled or in a "single stream" to a Material Processing Facility (MRF). The Program is designed to support an increase in waste disposal diversion in the state and is not meant to "replace" or duplicate existing cost-effective recycling programs. Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 50-8-8, the Regional Recycling Transfer/Processing Hub Grant Program shall be administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Rule 110-29-1-.02 Definitions

(1) Commissioner means the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.
(2) Department means the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.
(3) Eligible Applicant means any county, municipality, consolidated government, or solid waste or economic development authority.
(4) In-kind means any non-cash item(s) or labor donated to the program.
(5) Program means a Regional Recycling Transfer/Processing Hub Grant Program designed to meet the objectives of O.C.G.A. § 12-8-21 by developing or promoting waste disposal reduction practices.
(6) Regional Recycling Transfer/Processing Hub Grant means a grant provided to an eligible applicant to incorporate recycling into their solid waste management waste disposal reduction strategy.

Rule 110-29-1-.03 Grant Competitions

(1) When funding permits, the Department shall hold a competition to encourage eligible applicants to initiate a Program in their community. The deadline for applications shall be determined annually by the Commissioner and posted on the Department's Web page.
(2) Applications must be postmarked by the due date established by the Commissioner.

Rule 110-29-1-.04 Fund Availability

Funds made available to the Department for regional recycling transfer/processing hub grants will be allocated annually during the competition period established by the Commissioner.

Rule 110-29-1-.05 Eligible and Ineligible Activities

(1) Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, establishing a co-mingled,"single stream" recycling collection and transfer program that may include the use of specialized collection containers, collection and hauling equipment, and construction of a storage or transfer building.
(2) Ineligible activities include, but are not limited to, the distribution or use of grant funds or purchased equipment that would violate the gratuities clause of the State Constitution.

Rule 110-29-1-.06 Eligible Applicants

(1) An eligible applicant, as defined in 110-29-1.02(3), may apply for a Regional Recycling Transfer/Processing Hub Grant funds. If more than one eligible applicant is party to the application then one of the eligible applicants must be designated as the lead agency responsible for administering the grant if awarded.
(2) In order to be eligible to receive a Regional Recycling Transfer/Processing Hub Grant funds, an eligible applicant must demonstrate and be in compliance with the following:
(a) O.C.G.A. § 50-8-2(a)(18) as it relates to a "qualified local government"; and
(b) the requirements of O.C.G.A. § 36-81-8; and
(c) be eligible to receive solid waste grants, loans, and permits as outlined in the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act of 1990; and
(d) the requirements of O.C.G.A. § 36-70-27; and
(e) have submitted all required Government Management Indicator surveys required by the Department.
(f) have submitted an application for a Regional Recycling Transfer/Process Hub grant in a format and manner prescribed by the Department. Grant applications may be obtained by writing the Department of Community Affairs at the following address:

Department of Community Affairs

ATTN: Regional Recycling Transfer/Processing Hub Grant

60 Executive Park, South N.E.

Atlanta, Georgia 30329-2231

Rule 110-29-1-.07 Grant Award Amounts and Matching Amounts

The maximum cash award for a Grant will be based upon demonstrated need. Eligible applicants applying for a grant will be required to match the grant through cash, loaned or donated equipment or similar resources, or in-kind personnel time or other similar services.

Rule 110-29-1-.08 Review of Grant Applications

Eligible applications received during a competition period will be reviewed by a grant review team to determine the merit of the application and whether the grant shall be awarded. In determining whether an applicant shall receive a grant award, the grant review team will consider the following factors:

(a) the demonstrated need of the project and its compatibility with a community's existing solid waste management program; and
(b) the anticipated population served; and
(c) the anticipated increase in the amount of recycled material, by commodity, based upon the results of the State's 2004 Waste Characterization Study; and
(d) access to cost-effective transportation; and
(e) commitment to accept single stream recyclables from a 50 mile radius; and
(f) matching funds/resources, including resources leveraged from the private and/or non-profit sector if applicable; and
(g) ability to pre-process recyclable materials and access to local markets; and
(h) impact to the existing recycling infrastructure in the region; and
(i) ability to use or expand existing solid waste and/or recycling infrastructure; and
(j) documented efficiency of hauling, processing, handling equipment identified to concentrate recycling weights to minimize collection costs, and energy savings; and
(k) analysis of the range and type of recyclables to be accepted at the proposed Hub to minimize collection costs and maximize an increase in recyclable material recovery from Georgia landfills; and
(l) other information submitted by the applicant and deemed relevant by the Department.

Rule 110-29-1-.09 Awarding of Grant Funds

(1) Applications received on or before the deadline will be reviewed using the criteria outlined in 110-29-1-.08. The Department may request additional information or clarification during their review of an application that was submitted on or before the published deadline.
(2) Upon selection by the Department, eligible grant recipients shall enter into a contract with the Department specifying the terms and conditions for the receipt of grant funding. Upon the execution of the contract, the Applicant will authorized to initiate the grant program and upon receipt of the required documentation be eligible for reimbursement of grant allowable expenditures on a quarterly basis.

Rule 110-29-1-.10 Termination

Funding for this grant program comes from the Solid Waste Trust Fund. This grant program will cease upon the distribution of the existing funds allocated to this program.