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Rule 515-16-8-.01 Applicability

The rules in this Chapter apply to persons operating passenger vehicles as limousine carriers, as defined in Commission Transportation Rule 515-16-3-.03 for hire within this state in intrastate transportation.

Rule 515-16-8-.02 Certification Required for Limousine Carrier

No limousine carrier shall operate as a limousine carrier or a limousine (as those terms are defined in O.C.G.A. §§ 46-1-1 and 46-7-85.1 ) for the transportation of passengers for compensation on any public highway in this State unless such carrier has first acquired an interim or permanent certificate to do so from this Commission and except in accordance with the provisions of federal laws, state laws, the Commission certificate issued to such carrier and the Transportation Rules of this Commission.

Rule 515-16-8-.03 Interim Certificates

An interim certificate shall be issued to any qualified applicant, provided that such applicant is a limousine carrier business domiciled in this state, authorizing the operations covered by the application if it is found that the applicant is fit, willing, and able to perform properly the service and conform to the provisions of O.C.G.A. § 46-7-85 and the rules and regulations of the Commission and has not been convicted of any felony as such violation or violations are related to the operation of a motor vehicle.

Rule 515-16-8-.04 Chauffeur Permits and Requirements

All limousine carrier drivers, before operating any motor vehicle in intrastate commerce, shall first secure a Chauffeur Permit from the Georgia Department of Driver Services by making application on forms prescribed by the Georgia Department of Driver Services and by paying the required filing fee.

Rule 515-16-8-.05 Annual Inspection

All limousine carriers as defined in O.C.G.A. § 46-7-85.1 holding a Certificate issued by the Commission must have all vehicles inspected annually to be in compliance with the Department of Revenue rules and regulations. Inspection must be done by a certified mechanic.

Rule 515-16-8-.06 Identification of Limousines

Prior to operating limousines over the highways of Georgia for which registration and licensing of such equipment has been made, every motor carrier holding a certificate to transport passengers in limousines shall affix to the front bumper a standard size license plate with the following information:

(a) Limousine company name;
(b) City and state of principal domicile;
(c) Company telephone number; and
(d) Vehicle classification - IE-1.

Rule 515-16-8-.07 Motor Carrier Safety Regulations - Limousines

Limousines must comply with all safety rules and regulations.

Rule 515-16-8-.08 Suspension, Cancellation or Revocation of a Certficate

The Commission may cancel, revoke, or suspend any interim or permanent certificate issued under this chapter as provided in Commission Transportation Rule 515-16-2-.05 and O.C.G.A. § 46-7-85.7.

Rule 515-16-8-.09 Limousines Temporary Permits

(1) The rules and regulations listed below in this part are the minimum requirements set forth by the Commission for issuance of temporary permits to limousine carriers.
(2) A limousine carrier may obtain a temporary permit for a period of 21 consecutive days beginning and ending on the dates specified on the face of the permit. Temporary permits shall be obtained by limousine carriers which make only infrequent trips within or through the State of Georgia and comply with the following:
(a) Pay a fee for each temporary permit in the amount of $100.00 per week and $20.00 for each vehicle.
(b) Meet the insurance requirements of the Commission.
(c) Obtain a chauffeur's permit for each operator.
(d) A temporary permit shall be carried in the motor vehicle for which it was issued at all times such vehicle is in this state.

Rule 515-16-8-.10 Limousine Tariffs

Amendments to O.C.G.A. §§ 46-7-85.1,et seq., in 2007 repealed the Commission's rate-making authority over limousine carriers, and hence, the Commission has voided its Maximum Rate Tariff over limousines. While limousine carriers are free to publish and distribute to customers schedules of rates and tariffs, such documents need not be filed with the Commission; and the Commission will no longer maintain tariff files on limousine carriers in the absence of rate-making authority.

Rule 515-16-8-.11 Advertisement for a Limousine Carrier

With regard to any advertisement for a limousine carrier, whether by print, radio, television, other broadcast, or electronic media including but not limited to Internet advertising and any listing or sites on the World Wide Web, the limousine carrier advertising its services shall include the motor carrier authorization number issued to it by the Georgia Public Service Commission and the physical address of such carrier's principal office, which physical address cannot be a post office box or commercial mail drop station such as Mail Boxes, Etc. or a UPS Store.

Rule 515-16-8-.12 Commercial Indemnity and Liability Insurance

Each limousine carrier shall obtain and maintain commercial indemnity and liability insurance with an insurance company authorized to do business in this state which policy shall provide for the protection of passengers and property carried and of the public against injury proximately caused by the negligence of the limousine carrier, its servants, and its agents. The Commission shall determine and fix the amounts of such insurance and shall prescribe the provisions and limitations of such insurance.

Rule 515-16-8-.13 Petition By a Third Party

The Commission may hear a petition by a third party asserting that a limousine carrier has violated applicable provisions of O.C.G.A. Chapter 46-7 or of the Commission Transportation Rules; and, based upon findings of fact and conclusions of law after notice and hearing, the Commission may impose the penalties and seek the remedies if the Commission finds such a violation as specified elsewhere in these Transportation Rules.