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Subject 515-1-1 ORGANIZATION

Rule 515-1-1-.01 Organization

The domicile of the Georgia Public Service Commission is fixed by law at the Capitol. The General Offices of the Commission are located at 244 Washington Street, S.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30334. Public hearings are generally held in the Commissioner's hearing room in its offices at the Capitol, although it is authorized to hold hearings in different parts of the State when it is deemed necessary to best serve the interest and convenience of the public. All evidence presented at public hearings is taken down by the Official Reporter of the Commission. The time and place of administrative sessions of the Commission are provided for by Commission Rule. All hearings and all administrative sessions are open to the public. Minutes of all decisions of the Commission are taken down by the Secretary of the Commission. A majority of the Commission is required to transact business or render valid decisions. All records of the Commission are open to public inspection. The Commission's legal representative is the Attorney General of Georgia.

Rule 515-1-1-.02 Chairman

(1) It shall be the duty of the Chairman to preside at all meetings of the Commission; to preserve strict order; to procure at all times the correct meaning and sense of the Commission; to conduct the business of the Commission when in session subject to the direction of a majority of the Commission.
(2) The Chairman shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission; shall conduct its correspondence; attend to the office of the Commission as required by law; see that all orders and rules of the Commission are duly carried into effect, and that all officers and employees perform their duties as required by said orders and rules as required by law.
(3) The Chairman is authorized to issue, at any time, orders setting down causes or pending matters for a hearing; to issue in the name of the Commission process and notice to persons or corporations to be affected by proceedings before the Commission; to issue orders requiring the production of books, writings and documents to be used upon hearings, investigations, or business before the Commission; to issue any and all such other orders of an interlocutory character as may be necessary or proper for preparing and expediting hearings before the Commission. The provisions of this subsection do not limit the powers of the Commission or those of any Hearing Officer or any representative of the Commission as provided by law.
(4) The Chairman will report to the Commission so far as needful and reasonable what has been done during intervals between meetings, and also any new matters or questions with his recommendations touching the same but reserving for action of the body all new matters and cases.
(5) The Chairman shall appoint three standing committees that shall be composed of all five commissioners. Committee members may be reassigned during their appointed term upon the recommendation of the Commission Chairman and approval of the Commission. The standing committees shall be The Committee on Telecommunications Matters, The Committee on Energy Matters and The Committee on Administrative Affairs.

Rule 515-1-1-.03 Vice-Chairman

There shall be a Vice-Chairman who shall be appointed by the Chairman to serve during the term of the Chairman. If the Chairman does not appoint a Vice-Chairman within ten (10) days after assuming the Chairmanship, the next Commissioner scheduled to serve as Chairman, pursuant to O.C.G.A. Section 46-2-5 (Michie, 1992) shall assume the position of Vice-Chairman. The Vice-Chairman shall act in the absence or inability of the Chairman.

Rule 515-1-1-.04 Executive Director

Subject to the direction of the Commission, the Executive Director acts as Chief Staff Officer of the Georgia Public Service Commission with responsibility for direction and coordination of the activities of the Commission's staff in accordance with the policies established by the Commission for the regulation of those industries under its jurisdiction; directs all administrative support functions required for effective operation of Utilities and Transportation Divisions; and is in charge of all Commission personnel and preparation of the budget of the Commission.

Rule 515-1-1-.05 Executive Secretary

Subject to the direction of the Commission, the Executive Secretary acts as Secretary of the Commission responsible for recording all appearances at public hearings of the agency; maintaining all books, files and records of the Commission; preparing and/or reviewing and cosigning with the Chairman all orders of the Commission; certifying copies of Commission documents and records; handling administrative details of office management; receiving all filings made at the Commission; assigning docket and document numbers to all filings and placing them on the filing and case tracking system in accordance with the agency's Official Filing Schedule; routing to all department heads applications, petitions, correspondence and complaints for disposition as directed by the Chairman or the Commission; maintaining mailing lists and publications of all matters assigned for public hearing before the Commission under direction of the Chairman or the Commission; and discharging such other duties as may be assigned.

(a) There shall be an Assistant Executive Secretary of the Commission who shall act in the absence or inability of the Executive Secretary.

Rule 515-1-1-.06 Official Reporter

The Official Reporter and such assistants as may be appointed by the Commission shall take down and keep a complete record of all proceedings and evidence of matters heard before the Commission in public hearings, and have transcribed copies thereof available for the Commission and parties of record.

Rule 515-1-1-.07 Fiscal and Personnel Officer

Subject to the direction of the Commission, the Fiscal and Personnel Officer supervises the fiscal and personnel affairs of the Commission. He prepares the projection and supervises the preparation of budgets, payrolls and payroll reports to various other State agencies; performs the duties of records management officer; supervises and approves the purchase of materials and supplies for the; agency; and performs the duties of Personnel Officer in accordance with the law and regulations of the State Merit System.

Rule 515-1-1-.08 Director of Utilities

Subject to the direction of the Commission, the Director of Utilities shall direct the activities of the utility divisions and sections; manage and coordinate the commission's preparation of rate cases; schedule and coordinate all inhouse, reactive, regular, and engineering audits; direct all utility personnel and the preparation of that section of the Commission's budget; and perform such other duties as the Commission may establish by order.

Rule 515-1-1-.09 Jurisdiction of the Commission

The Georgia Public Service Commission has jurisdiction over telephone companies; electric power companies; gas utility companies; service observing equipment furnished by a telephone company; automatic dialing and announcing devices; the administration of the "Georgia No Call List;" the operation of telephone relay service; utility facilities protection and enforcement measures; allocation of gas and electricity; Georgia Territorial Electric Service areas assigned to Electric Power Companies, Electric Membership Corporations or municipalities and such other matters as may be authorized by law.

Rule 515-1-1-.10 Repealed

Rule 515-1-1-.11 Repealed

Rule 515-1-1-.12 Repealed